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Jaguar XJㅡ Worth Each Penny!

The new Jaguar XJ models are worth praising, they are fast, stylish and safe. Like other cars of Jaguar, XJ is the signature product of the brand. It has been redefined lately in design and performance. Jaguar XJ is the beautiful combination of classic style and modern technology. The car is classic in its appearance, but it is a high-performance modern luxury car. XJ has a strong aluminium body, it is light-weight and agile. The innovative technology of the car enables it to tackle every road condition well. It is a “Timeless Elegance” as per the brand.

Performanceㅡ The car is equipped with two supercharged petrol engines. the first engine is 335 PHP V6 and second is V8 503 PHP. They make the car race 60 mph in 6 seconds. It is lighter than other luxury cars which give it an edge over others.


Interiorsㅡ XJ has a luxurious cabin which attract senses and comfort user. The seats of the car are made with leather and soft grain which gives you a good experience and they are easy to adjust. There is a good space for legs and head in the car, one would not feel tired even after a long journey. You can adjust the environment of the car as per your convenience by the climate control feature, it also has humidity control, air particle and odor filtration.

Exteriorsㅡ The roof of the car is composed of heat reflective tinted glass. The design and the style of the car are pleasing to eyes. It has ultrasonic sensors which can see the objects for 1.8 km distance and alert the driver with audio warning. The same kind of sensor is placed in front of the car with a rear video camera which gives you the picture the back. The automatic boot lid of the car is good for your convenience. XJ is well-equipped with several modern accessories like iPad holder, coat hanger and premium carpet, which make the car a good choice.

Priceㅡ Luxury cars are expensive and the same is true for Jaguar XJ, but it is comparatively well-priced. The price of the car starts with Rs 94.81 lakhs and goes up to 2.08 crore. Jaguar also offers the EMI option to purchase the car.

Post by allaboutjaguar (2015-07-31 08:32)

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Experience luxury and Excellence with Jaguar XF

Jaguar has started a new trend in the luxury-car industry by launching XF car models. Since 2009, it had been working on refining and updating XF sports car to place it in the mid-luxury category.


This new model of Jaguar is equally strong as BMW 5 series and Mercedes E-Class and it is a good choice for executive class. It's sleek and stylish design gives it an eye-catching look, it truly justifies the brand name. In short, Jaguar is a blend of sports and luxury car. It is a fuel-efficient, high-performance luxury car. Let’s have a look on the key features and specifications of the car.



Engineㅡ The XF gives you multiple engine options, it has 2 diesel and 1 petrol engine. The first diesel engine can contain 2.2-liter fuel and gives a power output of 190 PS while the second is 3.0 liter V8 engine with 275 ps output. The 8-speed automatic gearboxes of the car connect engines with each other.


Interiorsㅡ The interior section of the car is beautifully crafted and gives a feel of an extravagant car. The seats are covered with soft grain leather and there is a comfortable space for legs. The manufacturer has installed the dual climate control system to make the drive comfortable in all weathers. Odor filtration, humidity control, and window demisting are some other features of the car which make it irresistible.


Exteriorsㅡ The bonnet of the XF is redesigned and different from other cars of Jaguar. It has a streamlined front wings and the outline of the car is curved giving it a dynamic look. The car has sleek biofunction headlamps with washers and LED. The exterior mirrors of the car are easily adjustable.


Driveㅡ XF is a pleasure to drive, it is quick and agile. The car is equal weight and you get a good control over it. The 8-speed automatic gearboxes give you a fast and smooth drive. The car has got good reviews and ratings from the automobile experts. There are some software upgradation issues which affect the reliability of the car otherwise it is a good choice.


Price Rangeㅡ The price of Jaguar XF models starts from Rs. 51.5 lakhs and go till Rs. 74.21 Lakhs. You can also get discount and free servicing as per the terms and conditions of the manufacturer and car dealer. Many people wish to own a Jaguar car but it is very expensive. Used Jaguar cars on sale are a good option for them.

To sum up, the Jaguar XF is a new innovation of the company, it carries the brand reputation of Jaguar. It is a sports-cum-luxury car, and definitely a good choice for automobile enthusiasts.

Post by allaboutjaguar (2015-07-30 08:22)

Tags: luxury Jaguar Excellent Jaguar

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Jaguar Cherishes the Success of #FeelWimbledon Campaign

The most prestigious tennis tournament of the world, Wimbledon Championship, brought much fame and success to the Jaguar Cars. Its social media engagement grew 11-12% with the #FeelWimbledon campaign. Though it was mainly a twitter-oriented campaign, it got tremendous responses on all social media channels. Jaguar not only drew the attention of social media enthusiasts, but also delighted the on-field spectators by capturing their emotion and excitement through the biometric wristbands.

Jaguar was the official partner of Wimbledon 2015. It supplied 170 exotic luxury cars including new car models Jaguar XE and XF during the operations of the tournament. Exotic and high-performance luxury cars from Jaguar were also a point of attraction for spectators.

Jaguar and Wimbledon both are British Icons and share similar values, thus their partnership was quite justified and fruitful.

Laura Schwab, the UK Marketing Director of Jaguar Land Rover said “Wimbledon evokes lots of emotions and captures our imaginations in so many different ways, so we’re very excited to celebrate what makes Wimbledon so special through our #FeelWimbledon campaign”.


To execute this plan, the campaigning company employed three metrics to measure the emotion and movements of people biometric, atmospheric and sociometric. It selected 20 fans every day and recorded their heartbeat and movement by wristbands and shared the visuals on social media channels. There were sensors in the stadium to monitor the atmosphere and energy of the crowd. Jaguar kept an eagle’s eye on social media channels, monitoring the trending topics and responses of fans.

Tennis fans wholeheartedly enjoyed and supported the #FeelWimbledon campaign. It was a new concept altogether in the history of Wimbledon. For the first time, Jaguar partnered the Wimbledon and made people feel the real beauty and excitement of the tournament. Jaguar uploaded several videos on the official website of Wimbledon for tennis enthusiasts. The two-week long tournament ended on July 12, 2015.

The campaign was a great success for Jaguar, it suddenly captured the attention of the masses and tennis lovers toward itself. The campaign was beneficial for Jaguar in many ways. First, it increased the web traffic and social media engagement of the brand. Secondly, it created a great buzz about the company and its cars. Jaguar started to get more leads and enquiry from customers. Wimbledon campaign has further enhanced the brand image of the Jaguar.

People will remember the Wimbledon 2015 for a vibrant display of their emotion, and Jaguar will cherish the success of the #FeelWimbledon campaign.

Post by allaboutjaguar (2015-07-27 03:02)

Tags: Jaguar Jaguar Wimbledon Campaign

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